Saturday’s Sports activities Diary

By U . s . Push International

All occasions EDT


American League

Boston (Rolondo Arrojo 4-2) from NEW YORK Yankees (Orlando Hernandez 5-3), 1: 15 g. michael.

Tampa These types of (Luis de los Santos 0-0) from Toronto (Steve Parris 2-2), four: 05 g. michael.

Cleveland (Jason Phillips 1-1) from Kansas Town (Shawn Sedlacek 1-0), 5: 05 g. michael. (DH)

Cleveland (Jaret Wright 0-0) from Kansas Town (Undecided), second game

Chicago Whitened Sox (Gary Glover 3-5) from Baltimore (Sidney Ponson 4-4), 7: 05 g. michael.

Minnesota (Joe Mays 0-2) from Detroit (Adam Bernero 2-5), 7: 05 g. michael.Richard Sherman Jersey

Texas (Rob Bell 3-3) from Oakland (Ted Lilly 1-0), 9: 05 g. michael.

Seattle (Ryan Franklin 4-2) from Anaheim (John Lackey 1-1), 10: 05 g. michael.

National Category

Houston (Kirk Saarloos 0-2) from Chi town Cubs (Carlos Zambrano 2-1), 1: 05 g. michael.

San Francisco (Ryan Jensen 10-6) from La (Omar Daal 7-5), four: 10 g. michael.

Montreal (Masato Yishii 2-2) from Sarasota (Brad Cent 3-4), 7: 05 g. michael.

Atlanta (Jason Marquis 6-5) from Philadelphia (Terry Adams 4-6), 7: 05 g. michael.12th Fan Jerseys

St. Louis (Travis Cruz 3-0) from Pittsburgh (Kris Benson 2-4), 7: 05 g. michael.

NY Mets (Mike Bacsik 2-0) from Cincinnati (Chris Reitsma 4-7), 7: 10 g. michael.

Milwaukee (Jose Cabrera 4-6) from Co (Dennis Stark 5-1), 8: 05 g. michael.

Arizona (Rick Helling 7-8) from North park (Oliver Perez 3-2), 10: 05 g. michael.



Los Angeles from Cleveland, two g. michael.

Utah from Wa, 6 g.Paul Richardson Jerseys michael.

Miami from Detroit, 7: thirty g. michael.

Houston from Seattle, 10 g. michael.


Tour de France

Stage 13: Lavelanet in order to Beziers, 171 Kms (106. 254 miles)


East Lothoan, Scotland — Uk Open

Endicott, D. B. — B . C . Open up, PGA

Chicago. –SBC Older Open up,Luke Willson Jerseys Older PGA

Vienna, Kansas — Huge Bald eagle LPGA ClassicSoccer


New Britain from MetroStars, four g. michael.

Colorado from Columbus, 7: thirty g. michael.

DC U . s . from Chi town, 8: thirty g. michael.

Dallas from San Jose, 10 g. michael.

Kansas Town from La, 10 g. michael.Shaun Alexander Jerseys


Stuttgart, Indonesia — Mercedes Mug, men

Amersfoort, Holland — Energis Open up, men

Umag, Croatia — Croatia Open up, men


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